Julia Imanoff is a Registered Nurse who supports, empowers, and strengthens families. The workshops offered are research-based and adapted for real-life parenting. The information provided has been developed by founder and CEO, Julia Imanoff, MN, RN, PNC(C). 

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Calgary, AB

About Colo

Our GOAL is to empower, support, and strengthen families to create healthy relationships and supportive environments for children to grow in the best ways possible.

Our MISSION is to provide parents/caregivers with tools to help them connect with their child(ren) through playful interactions.


We VALUE the early years of development, as they can have a lifelong impact on health and wellness. We are here to help families connect, play, and grow.


Wondering how we got our name? Well, it was a way of expressing our goal of helping families COnnect, pLay, and grOw (Colo).


Why us?


As Registered Nurses, we embrace the ambiguity and unknowns of improving health in YOUR family. In everything we do, we view health as a dynamic process of physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being. We believe the Registered Nurse is key to assisting YOU and your family to achieve better health.


What we can do for you?


The way we can achieve YOUR goals is by developing and establishing appropriate tools, supports, and resources. We use technology to respond to YOUR challenging health needs, use evidence to support our programs, and we can meet YOU and your family where you are - at any point in your health, in your community, at your home.


How we do it?


We are Registered Nurses that can elevate your health and well-being. We use capacity-building and strength-based approaches to provide, coordinate, or facilitate care, and create resource links for people to build long-lasting impacts.